There’s absolutely nothing wrong with two men locking themselves in a room and talking about how much they love writer Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, A Few Good Men, The Newsroom) for an hour, but you go ahead and ready your hateful think pieces.

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October just ended and that month means horror movies. We watched some (Chuck watched too many)! And talk about them in general! Come listen while you carve up a turkey for the family. But remember, oscillating fan deaths are a thing.

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For this installment, Harlo and Chuck are joined by special guest BJ to talk about tabletop gaming. Childhoods are revisited. Friendships are challenged. BJ’s shocking gaming past will, uh… shock you. Anything and everything we’ve ever played on a table is discussed, so put this podcast on your table and press play!

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Look, we’re just two dudes who like Doctor Who but don’t remember much about it or in what order things happened. This was a last minute idea, okay? Allons-y and don’t blink and all that. Enjoy!

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We return to the world of Jack Bauer, this time on the foreign soil of England where Jack comes out of hiding to fight bad guys. Correction: murder bad guys. Murder them dead. Super dead. We’re joined by special surprise guest star Maki as we talk about the entirety of the recently concluded 24: Live Another Day.

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Harlo and Chuck recently returned from Atlanta, GA where the Southern Fried Gameroom Expo was a thing. Pinballs and classic arcade games were played. Also, Billy Mitchell was there, with hot sauce! And, Atlanta has crazy roads, pay to park nightmares and delicious food. All this and more in this very episode, so click (re)play.

Kirk_climbs_Spock_watchesHarlo and Chuck get together to discuss their history with Star Trek. The shows, the films, the novels, video games… anything and everything Trek related that’s worth talking about in an hour or so. Is Star Trek V underrated? How accurate is the Star Trek Technical Manual? What’s the deal with rocket boots? All your pon farr blood burning questions will be answered. So live long and press play.

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Via some form of TV miracle, the legendary action series 24 returns to the airwaves May 5th, 2014. So we figured now was the time to gather in the studio and discuss all our favorite Jack Bauer and gang moments. Seasons, characters, plot twists… we open up a socket and talk about them all.

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For our inaugural episode, we binge on the new WWE Network culminating in the first included PPV event, Wrestlemania XXX. We discuss our history of watching the sport (entertainment) program, where we dropped off and how we were pulled back in by the lure of all that archival footage.

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Super OscarWith some of the recent comic book movie adaptation casts, I got to wondering just how many Oscar winners/nominees had been in them. So I decided to, as the world is wont to do, make it a contest between Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes. To be fair, I am only considering proper, original movies here. Not adaptations from imprints or companies either publisher has acquired. That means there won’t be things like Road to Perdition, Kick-Ass, Men In Black, etc. It also has to be a movie that was released in theaters, non-animated and the person has to have had a fairly significant role to be counted. Plus I’m counting any Oscar regardless of if they won for what they’re doing in their current role. I’m also only adding people for first appearance, sequels are assumed. Disclaimers aside, here’s the list so far:



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